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The team has over 65 years of combined experience in leading and delivering health economics and outcomes research, and market access projects.
PCE team has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, and has delivered more than 100 HTA and PRISMA compliant evidence synthesis, modeling and medical writing projects.

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Barinder Singh
​Lead Consultant and Director

Barinder has more than nine years of experience in health economics and outcome research. Barinder’s areas of expertise include systematic literature reviews, direct meta-analysis, Bucher’s ITC, Bayesian, and Frequentist NMA, economic modeling, HTA support, and training. Barinder has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications in medical and health outcome journals and has presented at multiple conferences. Barinder was previously a senior consultant with a large market access consultancy. Barinder has worked over a wide range of disease areas and across all stages of the product lifecycle.

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Gagandeep Kaur
Sr. Consultant and Director, Medical Communications

Gagan has a masters in pharmacy and more than nine years of medical writing and evidence synthesis experience. Gagan has extensive experience of working on evidence synthesis and medical communication deliverables, including manuscripts and dossiers. Gagan has worked on a wide range of disease areas, including oncology, GIT disorders, neurology, respiratory, CVD, and infectious diseases. Gagan has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications. Gagan was previously an associate consultant with a large market access consultancy. 


Sumeet Attri
Sr. Consultant, Evidence Synthesis

Sumeet has a masters in pharmacy and more than nine years of evidence synthesis experience. Sumeet possesses comprehensive technical and management competencies with a highly successful track record in conducting systematic and targeted literature reviews. Sumeet’s evidence synthesis expertise range from model/dossier-specific disease area reviews to HTA compliant efficacy and safety SLRs. Sumeet has 15 peer-reviewed publications focused on evidence synthesis topics. Sumeet has work experience in both consulting and the pharma domains.  

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Shubhram Pandey
Modeling and Advanced Analytics lead

Shubhram has more than six years of experience in development and customization of economic models for all types of interventions, devices, and diagnostic tools. He has expertise in the development of Excel-based and Web-based health economic models, analysis platforms and automated tools in R (Shiny, HTML, CSS, etc.) to increase efficiency and accuracy of the calculations. As a statistician, he has experience in standard Marketscan and Optum databases, parametric and non-parametric survival analysis, mixture cure fraction models, adjustment of treatment switching, utility and adverse event analysis.


Akanksha Sharma Biostatistics Lead

Akanksha has more than five years of experience in conventional and advanced network meta-analysis (NMA), various methodologies for comparative effectiveness including multi-level network meta-regression, population adjusted indirect treatment comparison and Bayesian hierarchical models. Akanksha has extensive experience in survival analysis, Bayesian predictive models, real-world databases including but not limited to Clinical Trial Data, TRUVEN Market scan, OPTUM and HCUP. Akanksha is an experienced programmer in R/Shiny, SAS, STATA, WinBUGS and Excel-VBA.


Pankaj Rai
Sr. Consultant, Evidence Synthesis

Pankaj has more than seven years of evidence synthesis and medical writing experience and as a Sr. Evidence Synthesis Consultant at Pharmacoevidence, he is responsible for the management and delivery of systematic literature review and meta-analysis projects. Pankaj has worked on a wide range of disease areas, including oncology, metabolic disorders, neurology, respiratory, digital health, and infectious diseases. Pankaj has 10 peer-reviewed publications. As a QA lead, Pankaj is also responsible for the development and implementation of the quality control process throughout the evidence synthesis and medical writing projects.

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